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Michigan Football Recruiting: Breaking Down the Wolverines' Offers to 2016 Quarterbacks

Michigan's transition into OC Doug Nussmeier's system will be aided by solid quarterbacks; it just so happens that Nuss is pretty good when it comes to developing talented arms.

Michigan is aggressively pursuing a gaggle of talented quarterbacks.
Michigan is aggressively pursuing a gaggle of talented quarterbacks.
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Finding the right quarterback is probably one of the most difficult aspects of recruiting. However, judging by the recent additions of Shane Morris (2013) and Wilton Speight (2014), not to mention a new OC in Doug Nussmeier, acquiring the next mainstay under center shouldn't be an issue for the Wolverines.

With that being said, we'll start with Messiah deWeaver, who committed June 18, and then take looks at the rest of the offered crowd.

Messiah deWeaver (4-star PSQB; 6'3", 202 pounds)

He's on board, so it's time to move onto the others... ...but, for the sake of saying something about him, here it goes: He's adequate and will likely develop into something more. But I wouldn't tab him as the ideal guy just yet. Then again, a lot of quarterbacking falls on coaching. So if you subscribe to the idea of "in Nuss, we trust," then get excited about deWeaver, who is pretty raw and could be a project player for the first couple of years.

Malik Henry (5-star PSQB/DTQB; 6'3", 180)

Henry can scoot. He's no Denard Robinson, although he wears No. 16 at Westlake (Calif.), but he can move. Overall, Henry has the tools to be a great starter--he's the No. 1-ranked PSQB of his class, so that's a given. Despite a lofty ranking, I'm not completely sold on him either. There are two better options for 2016 (you'll find out below).

Since visiting Michigan on June 15, Henry picked up an offer from Michigan State and attended camps at Notre Dame and Ohio State.

Dwayne Haskins (4-star PSQB; 6'2", 185)

The Bullis School (Md.) junior-to-be is an intriguing prospect. According to 247, he's the No. 5-ranked PSQB of 2016. I guess it depends on preference and perception, because I'm inclined to tab him as a top-three talent. Of course, the guys who are ranking Haskins have probably (hopefully) seen a lot more of his film and live action, so I'll take their word that he's No. 5.

For right now.

On May 19, Michigan offered Haskins. Since then, in addition to unofficials to West Virginia, Notre Dame, Ohio State, he's fielded invites from Tennessee and Miami (Fla.).

Notable offers: Ohio State, Maryland

Shea Patterson (4-star PSQB; 6'2", 195)

Patterson is committed to Rich Rod's up-and-coming Arizona program, so that's an obvious hurdle for Hoke. However, he's open to taking visits, which is great news for everyone but the Wildcats.

Notable offers: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Clemson and Alabama

According to 247Sports, the Calvary Baptist (Shreveport, La.) is the No. 3-ranked PSQB of 2016 (No. 32 overall). He's also light on his feet, which presents its share of options. But you don't want to see him run, right? I didn't think so.

He has decent touch, but nothing that'll blow you out of your seat. Not right now. But if there's a potential guy of this group, it's Patterson--once his skill sets are seamlessly combined, he'll be a great fit for an uptempo offense.

KJ Costello (4-star PSQB; 6'4", 218)

Costello is one of two potential Michigan quarterbacks that have really caught my eye. The other one is next, so I'll make this section quick.

As part of a powerful California contingent, the Rancho Santa Margarita (maybe maize and) blue-chipper will one day make an offensive coordinator very happy. That guy might as well be Nussmeier, whose stunning resume speaks for itself.

A.J. meets K.J.? The Wolverines would probably win a lot of games that way. After all, it worked at Alabama for Nussmeier.

Notable offers: Alabama, Florida, Notre Dame

Costello visited Michigan on June 19, about two weeks after receiving the offer.

Jacob Eason (5-star PSQB; 6'5", 205)

If you're like me, you want to see another towering presence take snaps at The Big House. Morris and Speight (probably more so Speight) are in line, but they'll need a successor--and that could be Eason, the No. 2-ranked PSQB of 2016.

Eason throws a tight ball that gets from Point A to Point B with precision and accuracy. Deep throws, shorter routes--the Lake Stevens (Wash.) star makes each toss look easy. The advantages of having an athlete such as Eason are obvious. As a sophomore in 2012, according to his Hudl profile, he completed 209 of 350 attempts for 2,941 yards, 23 touchdowns and eight picks.

He also set a Lake Stevens record with 504 passing yards; he must have thought that he was Devin Gardner vs. Indiana.

Notable offers: Alabama, Notre Dame, Georgia

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