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Michigan Football Recruiting: 5 Prospects Who Could Keep Wolverines Fans Waiting Until NSD

Some guys commit sooner than later. This post highlights 2015's potential late, late crowd.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke has recruited well during the past three years. This year won't be any different.
Michigan coach Brady Hoke has recruited well during the past three years. This year won't be any different.
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Recruiting is as much of a part of college football as the game itself; it's a sport within a sport that defies conventional logic: Usually, the best guys are picked up first. However, in the world of 4- and 5-star prospects, the best of the best are often snagged a bit later in the process.

And that's not by the schools' choice.

No, that's an intentional ingredient thrown in by the recruit, who knows that he has all the time in the world--which is national signing day, the following year or years--to make a decision; SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12--they can all wait. They're on his time.

With that being said, let's take a look at some of the guys whose processes will probably turn into filibuster-like affairs.

In no particular order, here are five guys who could wait until the last minute to pledge to and sign with Wolverines coach Brady Hoke.

George Campbell

Glimmers of hope, at best--that's all there is to hang on to when thinking of Campbell potentially committing to and signing with the Wolverines.

M'nB's Anthony Broome, the curator of the recruiting roundups (free), pretty much feels the same way about Campbell, who'd be a phenomenal addition to the program but seems destined for Florida or Florida State:

In a post for Go Blue Wolverine,'s Sam Webb says that Campbell will use one of his official visits at Michigan, in addition to other tidbits of information on his status with the program. ($)

I have been on the record saying that as of now, I do not believe that Campbell will be a part of this class, and that he will likely stay in the state of Florida with either the Gators or Florida State Seminoles.

If Campbell, a 5-star WR, plans on going Blue, we probably won't know until just prior to NSD. In all likelihood, the 6'3," 184-pound East Lake (Tarpon Springs, Fla.) junior will take his time, enjoy visits and carefully weigh options (as he should).

Jacques Patrick

Here's another 4/5-star Floridian who'll probably stay put in the Sunshine State. As the nation's No. 2-ranked running back, right behind Damien Harris, Patrick has plenty of potential suitors waiting for his verbal--which probably won't come for months.

And that includes pledges to the perceived favorites, Florida and Florida State.

Patrick is a blue-chip if I've ever seen one. His potential seems greater than that of Harris, and if my word carried any weight, I'd suggest that Michigan do whatever it takes to nab the Orlando Timber Creek bull. At 6'1" and 220 pounds, he's the type of back that makes Wolverines football go round.

And it seems as if he's growing more interested in Michigan, as 247Sports reports his interest at "warm," as opposed to the "cool" status of weeks past. Nonetheless, Patrick--should he commit--should be a last-minute guy. We're talking after the 2014 season.

He probably wants to see development on the O-line and a team that wins.

Go figure.

Mike Weber/Damien Harris

We're going to take care of two backs in one stop. Why? Because other than their social security numbers and favorite foods, you probably know everything there is to know about Mike Weber and Harris. With that being said, prepare for a long wait on both.

I don't see either one making a firm decision until after the 2014 season.

Weber, a 4-star out of Detroit Cass Tech, is a 5'11," 205-pound bruiser with a few moves--he'd fit in well with Michigan, especially when it comes to the endurance factor. He's the type of runner who can "carry" (see what I did there?!) the load for drives on end.

Give the ball to Weber, then watch him work.

Really, the same could said for Harris. But I'm not sold on Kentucky prep football, so he's actually my No. 3 choice when it comes to 2015 RBs (Patrick, Weber, Harris). However, the Wolverines can't go wrong with either one, or a combination of two (Patrick and Weber?).

Brian Cole

In all likelihood, the 6'2," 190-pound athlete out of Saginaw Heritage will stay in state. My gut says "Michigan State," and so does my brain. But then again, there's always Ohio State, which could use the No. 64-ranked prospect of 2015 (No. 5 ATH).

Of course, there will be others who sit on their intentions until the eve of signing day. I'm expecting Jashon Cornell, a 4-star DE, to also take his time.

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