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87 Days Until Michigan Football

The 2014 Season is just around the corner.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Redshirt Freshman Reon Dawson, Cornerback

Number: 30

Hometown: Trotwood-Madison HS; Trotwood, OH

Height/Weight: 6'2, 178

Three Things To Know About Reon

1. He made some waves after his commitment when he reportedly said that he was a Buckeye fan until death.  However, he clarified that statement to recruiting analyst Bill Greene:

"It was just a comment about being from the state of Ohio, not anything about Ohio State at all," Dawson stated. "Ohio State never even offered me a scholarship at all, so how could I be loyal to the school? What I meant was I'm proud of my state, and my family being from here, and I don't even know why I said that really. I was just happy to be headed to college and my family was so proud, that I never meant any reference to Ohio State."

Did people freak out about all of this?  Yes they did.  Was that at all appropriate?  Nope, not one bit.

Let me lecture real quick.  I know we all love UM football, but is it that hard to believe that a recent commit might have some confused feelings after having grown up rooting for another team that just so happens to be the rival of the team he is going to play college ball for?  Can we all make sure to cut these kids a break in the future?

/rant over

2. Reon was another Michigan commit that almost went elsewhere.  In this case, he was an Illinois commit that received a Michigan offer a couple months before signing day.  After a visit to Ann Arbor he made the switch.

3. Dawson is still fairly new to football, having started playing the sport in his sophomore year of high school after having focused on basketball as a younger athlete.  Considering this, his size (6'2), and athleticism (a reported 4.4 40-yard dash) it is believable that he still has a lot of room to grow as a football player, and he could turn into a very good cover corner.