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86 Days Until Michigan Football

The 2014 season is right around the corner.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Redshirt Freshman Wyatt Shallman, TE/H-Back

Number: 33

Hometown: Detroit Catholic Central HS; Novi, MI

Height/Weight: 6'3, 243 lbs.

Three Things To Know About Wyatt

1. There was a little bit of uncertainty in the Michigan blogosphere when Wyatt committed to Michigan.  This centered around what he committed as (a running back) and where it made the most sense to play him (defense).  Shallman played running back in high school, and when he committed, it was at that position.  However, there aren't many running backs that are linebacker sized, so Shallman's future was unclear.  He has since made the switch to more of a TE/H-back role on the offense, which should fit his skills well.

2. However, that might not be his best position on the football field.  As a high schooler, Shallman was often evaluated at DE — his position on defense — while not getting much of a serious look from scouts on the other side of the ball.  Of course, this is partly because he graded out so high on defense, at one point ranking as the 149th best player in the class as a DE.  It seems for now that Shallman is going to stay on offense, but if he can't break through there, at least he has options.

3. Wyatt loves America.

Turn your phone sideways, kid.