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83 Days Until Michigan Football

Counting down the days until Michigan takes the field again.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Redshirt Freshman Dan Samuelson, OL

Number: 74

Hometown: Plymouth HS; Plymouth IN

Height/Weight: 6'5, 282 lbs.

Three Things To Know About Dan

1. Samuelson was originally committed to Nebraska, but decided to flip to Michigan late in the process when the Wolverines were in a position of uncertainty about David Dawson's status.  Samuelson joined the class after Dawson rejoined the fold, making Dan the 6th OL commit in 2013.

2. The kid obviously has his priorities in order:

3. Seriously, this kid loves the outdoors:

And in case you weren't convinced of his commitment to the outdoors:

Salute, kid. Forty degrees and anything is too cold for me.