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51 Days to Michigan Football

The season opener versus (School Name Redacted) approaches.

Gregory Shamus

RS Sophomore Terry Richardson, CB

Number: 13

Hometown: Detroit (Cass Technical)

Height/Weight: 5' 9" 172 lbs.

One Big Thing to Know About Terry

Richardson is a reserve cornerback who didn't get a lot of game action last season, but he competed for one of the starting spots during spring football. He hails from the old reliable pipeline of Michigan commits known as Cass Tech, and played as both a corner and wide receiver there. Richardson being from Cass Tech is a double-edged sword for Michigan, however. Numerous defensive backs enrolled at Michigan and promptly fizzled out: Boubacar Cissoko, Teric Jones, Delonte Hollowell to name a few. Richardson has an uphill battle at his position, but is athletically capable of getting some playing time.