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Michigan Football: Ex-Wolverines CB Donovan Warren Talks Appalachian State, UM's Loss in 2007 in Ann Arbor

Donovan Warren details his feelings toward App. State during an interview with The Wolverine's Michael Spath.

Does Michigan really need to fear Appalachian State? Ex-CB Donovan Warren urges Team 135 to approach the game with caution.
Does Michigan really need to fear Appalachian State? Ex-CB Donovan Warren urges Team 135 to approach the game with caution.
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While catching up on my weekend reading, I stumbled across an interesting piece ($) on The Wolverine by Michael Spath, who throws us back to 2007, the year that Michigan was lampooned at home by Appalachian State, which was then an FCS program.

Of course, that 34-32 blunder will never cease to exist, but Team 135 can help put the story to rest and start the season on a high note by pummeling the Mountaineers on Aug. 30 in Ann Arbor. Not only did Spath take us on a trip and emphasize a strong point (history and all of that), but he had the assistance of former cornerback Donovan Warren, who had some choice words for the embarrassing moment and a little advice for this year's guys.

My feeling is revenge. I know those guys [on the current team] didn't play against Appalachian State but I still have a sour taste in my mouth from that game.

I am talking to some of the guys on the team this year to let them know, 'Don't take this game for granted. These guys are going to come out and compete because they know in their history they can compete with us and that shouldn't be the case at all. 

'Dominate the game, and really come out aggressive and make a statement early on.'

Warren's heart is in the right place. I suppose Michigan would benefit by hearing about the worst-case scenario from a guy who was (unfortunately) there. Have you ever seen those "scared straight" shows? Maybe he could walk that path. Talking with Spath and letting it be known that he's "talking to some of the guys" is a start, but perhaps Warren could get all drill sergeant and ask a few of his buddies from 2007 to yell and scream at Team 135.

"Someone said it might be on the big victories in college football," then-coach Jerry Moore said, per ESPN/the Associated Press, after the shocker. "It may be the biggest."

Here are some suggestions to ensure that this doesn't happen again: 1. Play the Moore quote on a loop, 24/7; 2. Warren and his former teammates could do a slideshow and give testimonials about how bad it felt the next day; 3. Maybe they could make Corey Lynch voodoo dolls and practice some sort of black magic, all in the name of guaranteeing a victory during Week 1.

Hoke may appreciate that. He may not endorse such behavior, but hey--a win's a win right now. After 8-5 and 7-6, he can't afford another "bad" loss--not to these guys. If that were to happen, he might as well hit the trail and ride into the sunset.

Game. Over.

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