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Michigan Football: OSU AD Gene Smith Puts Wolverines at Night to Bed

The Big Ten needs Ohio State and Michigan at night. But OSU AD Gene Smith isn't digging it, per reports.

Night games aren't in the future, says OSU AD Gene Smith.
Night games aren't in the future, says OSU AD Gene Smith.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith has zero designs of pitting his Buckeyes against Dave Brandon's Wolverines at night.


Not even a little bit.

According to's Brendan F. Quinn, Smith hammered home his point of no Michigan after dark during an interview with the Columbus Dispatch. And to be fair, it must be noted that Brandon doesn't want a shot at the night, either.

It won't be (at night) this year, nor in following years. We have really been firm on that,. I think our (TV) partners understand our position. We haven’t gotten any pressure this year at all. As people change, we’ll probably end up getting pressure down the road. But we’re not changing. We think that game should be played in the daytime, and we’re going to keep it that way.

Of course, Smith is probably being proactive. And really, who can blame him? Mix hours of tailgating with a grumpy fanbase (the losing team's, most likely) and there could be trouble. B1G trouble.  So on that note, I can't really argue against Smith's wishes.

But that's not going to stop me from doing it anyway.

1. Ohio State vs. Michigan at night? Yes, please. Come on, guys. This would be one of college football's must-see events. The mystique and tradition--not to mention a pure, carefully cultivated hatred for one another--would come together beautifully underneath the high-wattage of The Big House's nightlights. Ann Arbor, on a Saturday evening, would serve as the ideal bed for these night moves (queue the Seger).

2. Recruiting. Enough said, right? Selling a prospect on the idea of OSU UTL would be easy. Hell, kids would probably write to Michigan and Ohio State, asking to be a part of it. Now, imagine that environment during a visit. That would be the deal-sealer. If said recruit was on the fence, an evening encounter with the Buckeyes could be enough to sway the decision.

Of course, should the bad happen--the bad that Smith probably foresees and wishes to avoid--the visit could be a disaster. Families aren't really that cool will all of that. They want their son/nephew/grandson to be safe and comfortable. Nothing kills the mood like a fight.

3. Honestly, I can't think of anything else but money. Revenue. Cheddars in the pockets. Brandon is a savvy marketer (right?), and Smith is surely aware of the potential millions that a night game could generate. Although Smith says that it won't happen anytime soon, don't give up on the idea.

It's too good not to happen.

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