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41 Days Until Michigan Football

Counting down to the season.

Gregory Shamus

Redshirt Sophomore Willie Henry, Defensive Tackle.

Number: 69

Hometown: Glenville HS; Clevelnd, OH

Height/Weight: 6'2, 297 lbs.

Three Things To Know About Willie

1. Willie was a late addition to Michigan's 2012 recruiting class, coming to campus and getting an offer after Michigan had struck out with some higher rated targets.  However, just like the basketball program has done a good job swooping in on unknown recruiting steals, Michigan made moves to pick up Henry because the coaches saw a lot of upside due to his quickness and athleticism.

2. That potential was flashed once again last year as Henry worked his way onto the field and alternated impressive physical displays of power and agility with standing straight up and getting buried by the OL.  Technique was always going to be the question with him, and he showed last year that when he does it well he can be a terror on the inside.


Now, since I missed yesterday's countdown post, it means we didn't drop any facts about Erik Magnuson, Michigan's presumed starter at left tackle this year.  So, now that I'm finding it hard to find something else about Willie Henry (seriously, you try googling that name), I've decided to let you know a little something about Erik.

I too can get down with Hank Jr., Erik.

/hums Family Tradition.