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Monday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Mike Weber Looking to BBQ

The MRR updates you on the latest with Michigan football recruiting. In this edition, Mike Weber updates his recruitment, Darrin Kirkland Jr. shoots down a rumor, Brian Cole will visit on July 25 and more players that are slated to appear at the BBQ at the Big House.

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Wolverines Cranking Up the Heat on Mike Weber

It's no secret that the Michigan Wolverines have put almost all of their eggs in one basket in terms of the running back they are recruiting the hardest during the 2015 cycle.

That man is four-star prospect Mike Weber (Detroit, MI), who Michigan has reportedly made great strides with in the last few weeks or so. It's been made pretty clear that he is their number-one option by a wide margin at the position in this class.

Weber has stated on many occasions that his mind is constantly changing in terms of who his top schools are, but the trend of the last few weeks seem to point towards Michigan being near the top, if not his top choice at this point.

The Michigan staff and haul of current commits have gone far out of their way to show Weber how much he is wanted in Ann Arbor. They have been in his ear constantly and recently it looks to have helped their chances.

With all of this being said, a decision will likely not come any time soon. He told me back in June at Sound Mind Sound Body that he wants to make his decision at the U.S Army All American Game in January. An announcement could come before that, but definitely not in the near future.

Steve Wiltfong of 247 Sports talked to Weber about much of what I just covered above. You can check that article out here. ($)

Kirkland Still a Michigan Commit, Shoots Down Silly Rumor

Over the weekend, there was a rumor going around the likes of Twitter that 2015 four-star linebacker commit Darrin Kirkland Jr. (Indianapolis, IN) was expected to decommit from the University of Michigan soon because of a change to his Twitter profile.

Well, Scout's Sam Webb spoke with Kirkland himself and took to Twitter to clear up the situation.

So he isn't going anywhere. Another internet rumor debunked.

I guess the reason I chose to address this in the roundup is as a PSA of sorts with the message being very simple.

Don't read too much into what recruits do, period.

So maybe a kid decides to change his profile picture or change his bio. Who cares? It's kind of creepy that there are those out there that follow things this closely at times.

Recruiting is so incredibly fluid. There are always moving parts and things that can change with the status of a player, but not much can be read from what an athlete does on the internet.

And for the record, Kirkland cites "734" in his profile, which is Ann Arbor's area code, so I think he definitely plans on sticking around.

Fret not, Michigan fans.

Brian Cole Visiting Michigan This Weekend

In news that is actually concrete and has legitimate backing to it, the Wolverines will get a visit from one of their top prospects on the 2015 board this weekend.

Four-star athlete Brian Cole (Saginaw, MI) will be in Ann Arbor this weekend, according to 247's Steve Lorenz.

This is a fantastic chance for the Wolverines to become a potential landing spot for his talents. He has the ability to play cornerback, but it looks the Michigan views him as a wide receiver, which is another position they have yet to fill in this cycle.

Cole is the top player in the state of Michigan and it looks like it will be a battle between the Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans, who seem to be his leaders as of now.

Many of Michigan's top 2015 and 2016 prospects will be in attendance at the BBQ, so it will be a good chance for him to bond with some potential teammates over the weekend and explore further what the university has to offer him.

Tentative BBQ Visitor List

I have been getting questions on Twitter about a visitors list for the BBQ, and while not everything is completely set in stone as of yet, Brandon Brown over at MGoBlog assembled a list a week or so ago of the guys he expects to be in attendance and those who will pass.

You can find that list here. (FREE)

I'll try to get a more updated list into the Wednesday and Friday roundups, as it is likely that things will change and we'll have more to report heading into the weekend.

That's it for Monday. Check back in with us in two days for more news and updates on Michigan football recruiting.

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