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MnB talks Michigan Football with The Michigan Man Podcast

Maize n Brew's Football Editor, Joshua Henschke, appeared on The Michigan Man Podcast with host Mike Fitzpatrick to discuss Michigan's upcoming season.

For the second time in a week, you'll get to hear my straight-to-radio voice -- heavy sarcasm included -- as I discuss some Michigan football.

Mike Fitzpatrick, from The Michigan Man Podcast, had me on his fantastic show for the first time to preview the upcoming season for the Wolverines. A lot of was covered in over 20 minutes, so I will save the synopsis and let you listen for yourself.

You can check out Mike and his podcast on Twitter (@TheMichiganMan) and find the rest of his massive library of podcasts with various members of the Wolverine media, here. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and never miss another episode.

For more news and notes on Michigan Football, follow Maize n Brew's Football Editor, Joshua Henschke, on Twitter: @JoshuaHenschke.