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Michigan, ESPN hit home run with My Wish feature

The University of Michigan football program was recently featured on ESPN's "My Wish" series giving Stephen Loszewski a day to remember.

Jim Rogash

From Jake Long to Desmond Howard, the University of Michigan gave a young man a day to remember thanks to ESPN's "My Wish" series.

It was simply fantastic.

Stephen Loszewski grew up loving football and the University of Michigan. Unfortunately, during his freshman year of high school, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Now in remission and ready to put his days of being sick behind him, the Wolverines did everything they could to help speed that process up.

They knocked it out of the park.

Taking the tour of the facilities and having former Michigan legends make Loszewski feel special, the segment showed just how special the Michigan family is. Head coach Brady Hoke cares about the people, whether it's honoring an Ohio State fan who "beat Michigan". Hoke did more than simply put the football program in a positive light on national television, they also showed that they're human and care about other people as well.

One of the more powerful moments of the segment was when former Michigan All-American offensive lineman Long walked through the door to deliver mail to Loszewski. The happiness in his face and the tears in his mothers eyes signifies what the Make-A-Wish foundation is all about.

All the days spent wondering what happens next and all the hours spent in a hospital bed culminated into one beautiful segment on ESPN. To see a young man's childhood dreams come true is a beautiful sight.

Loszewski was more than a "five-star recruit" being hosted on a recruiting visit, he was a young man that could put the past behind for a moment in time.

Perhaps, just perhaps, he can put the past behind him forever thanks to ESPN and the University of Michigan's efforts.

To learn more about Loszewski's story, read more here.