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Michigan Football Recruiting: Wolverines Offer 2016 CB LaVert Hill of Detroit Cass Tech

LaVert is the (obviously) younger brother of sophomore DB Delano Hill. It's a family thing in Ann Arbor, apparently.

LaVert Hill could be commit No. 3 to Brady Hoke's 2016 class. That BBQ better be good...
LaVert Hill could be commit No. 3 to Brady Hoke's 2016 class. That BBQ better be good...
Christian Petersen

Delano Hill probably used to give his little brother hell--in a good way, of course.

Imagine those noogies, those wedgies, those "Hey, let's see who can hit the lightest...I'll go first..."

(Thwap! Little brother cries, is declared instant winner)

Don't be surprised if they show flashes of sibling rivalry in the locker room one of these days. You know, kind of like Peyton and Eli did in that one ESPN commercial.

All jokes aside, Michigan made the right call Tuesday when offering the younger Hill, a 5'11", 165-pounder out of Cass Tech. According to 247Sports, LaVert is the No. 29-ranked CB of 2016. And as we all know, the secondary is becoming larger than life. Talent-wise, at least on paper, it's almost too good.

Blake Countess is regarded as one of the top corners in the game. Jourdan Lewis looked great during the spring game. Then there's Dymonte Thomas, Delano Hill, and some throw-in recruit from New Jersey...Jaleel something, I think.

Apparently Brady Hoke (Greg Mattison and Curt Mallory) really wanted this kid. After all, they offered scholarships an astonishing seven times. Wait, I think that he means that Michigan marked his seventh D1 offer. Yeah, that makes more sense.

OK, back to being serious. LaVert showed up at a camp in June and plans to attend the BBQ on Sunday in Ann Arbor. That's a great sign, plus there's the brother thing. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see a "LaVert Watch" this weekend--people sitting on pins and needles waiting for word of a commit--but I don't foresee a verbal just yet.

Let Delano work on him a little more, then it could happen.

According to 247, LaVert camped at Ohio State on July 25. He did the same at Penn State on July 20 but left with an offer.

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