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My Wish Come True: Stephen Loszewski talks about his special day at Michigan

Treated just like any other recruit Stephen Loeszewski, ESPN's My Wish recipient, talks to Maize n Brew about his special recruiting visit to Michigan.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't an ordinary day for Stephen Loszewski as the television cameras show him opening a letter from Ann Arbor.

So used to hearing bad news and always being told what not to do by medical staff, the day had finally come to do something that he always wanted to do. He will be visiting the University of Michigan on an official recruiting visit.

It was a dream come true, like a sudden ray of sunshine from a string of cloudy days. For just one day, all the hard work Loszewski put in on the football field before being stricken by leukemia was finally paying off.

For a kid born and raised in Missouri, becoming a Wolverine was in his blood.

"My father, his family have been diehard Michigan fans for a very long time, farther back than I can trace," said Loszewski. "We have photos of when I was born of me in a Michigan onesie. I've actually been a fan since the day I was born."

He recalls his most memorable Michigan moment, a catastrophic loss to Appalachian State, due to the amount of "f-bombs" he heard at his house that day.

For this dedicated Wolverine fan, one simple letter and one massive (quite literally) visitor, it all fell into place.

Loszewski was fresh out of a hospital visit and visibly drained, former Michigan standout offensive lineman, Jake Long, walked through the door with a massive stack of mail. Loszewski erupted with happiness, embracing the All-American lineman. Life returned to a young man's face, he had a chance to embrace his idol.

"I have to say, it's one thing to read a letter from the University of Michigan, but at the same time you have to think it's just a piece of paper," said Loszewski. "But when an actual alumni from Michigan, especially someone I've idolized as much as Jake Long, comes into my house it was as if Michigan had actually just shown up to invite me rather than just a piece of paper."

"Up until that moment, a lot of my life had been not necessarily positive, it was just nothing that I wanted to hear. As soon as Jake Long came into the house and I realized what was going to happen, for the first time I felt like I was actually getting what I wanted in life."

What he wanted was a recruiting trip, that is exactly what he received.

What stood out to Loszewski during the trip was head coach Brady Hoke's demeanor towards him. He wasn't treated like he was sick, he was treated like any recruit who would walk through the hallowed halls of Schembechler Hall.

"One of the cool things about the trip is that they didn't treat me like the 'Make-A-Wish Kid' they were serious about it," said Loszewski. "A lot of the conversation with Mr. Hoke was serious, like the responsibilities of the position I will be playing, which would've been rush-end. A lot of itt was what he would actually say to a recruit. He talked to me as someone who would be playing in August."

Many moments were shown that came with a whirlwind of emotions that were jam-packed into a six-minute segment. Loszewski recalls his favorite moment that was shown on television, leading the team onto the field and touching the banner. A legendary tradition that only a select few are ever able to do.

But, there were moments that weren't shown on television that gives a deeper look into the Michigan program. Loszewski shares what he saw in the locker room that wasn't shown in the segment.

"We went into the weight room, I saw a lot of what their motivation banners are and I thought they were so cool," Loszewski recalls. "They were things like 'Beat State' or 'Beat that school from Ohio (Ohio State)' I don't say their name."

Hoke had an influence on Loszewski already.

"I think the third favorite banner I saw, they had this big sign that said 'Michigan State, Big Ten Champions.' Then right below it, there was a note that said 'What are you going to do about it?' Those things were just picture perfect for what I would've imagined from Michigan as far as how they motivate their players and strike that fire in their belly."

This trip didn't just effect Loszewski himself, it had an impact on the family as a whole. His father, who had been a lifelong Michigan fan, had a chance to see his son don the winged helmet for the first time. During the segment, the glow of a proud father was apparent.

Loszewski summed up the emotions felt by the entire family in one simple sentence.

"They got to see me strap on a helmet and a uniform for the first time when they thought they would never get to see that again," said Loszewski.

As far as what the future holds for Loszewski and Michigan, he says that he is expecting a phone call from Athletic Director Dave Brandon soon and perhaps an honoring during a game could be a possibility for this upcoming season.

For now, the day spent in Ann Arbor is a memory cemented in time. Although Loszewski will never be able to play another down of football again, he does have the entire Michigan family behind him and leukemia that is in remission.

That, in itself, is a wish come true.

To see the segment again, you can find the video here.