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36 Days to Michigan Football

The season opener versus (School Name Redacted) draws closer.

Gregory Shamus

Sophomore Michael Jocz, TE

Number: 95

Hometown: Novi, MI (Novi High School)

Height/Weight: 6' 4 / 234 lbs.

Things to Know About Michael

Michael is a walk-on at tight end, hailing from just up the road in Novi. At graduation, he weighed in at 190 pounds, but he appears to have added some muscle mass to that frame, as he is now listed at 234 pounds. The thing that will stick out in this short bio is that he is one smart man. He finished high school with a 4.0 GPA, and a 32 on his ACT. Michigan has some competition at tight end this close to fall camp, as well. Devin Funchess morphed into a wideout, and Jake Butt is not available until late Fall, if his ACL heals even that soon.