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Michigan Football: John U. Bacon Discusses the Wolverines, AD Dave Brandon

The Michigan athletic historian, educator and author doesn't want to see the foundation of Wolverines football be forgotten.

What are your views on Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke? Feel free to comment.
What are your views on Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke? Feel free to comment.
Gregory Shamus

John U. Bacon loves Michigan football for what it is and what it isn't. The same can be said for a lot of people, I suppose.

Over the years, Wolverines fans have grown accustomed to--and have expected to see--tough-as-nails, old-school teams that compete for Big Ten titles. Other than that, they're not asking for much.

They're certainly not crying about the lack of fireworks, at least in the literal sense. They're not asking for new seating policies or in-stadium ads, nor are they begging for frilly extras and needless complications. They're not whining about the need for a student council centered on football, either.

No. They just want to see a rock-solid team on the field--that's it. It's a very simple concept, sure, but it's something that the Michigan athletic department has a problem understanding, says Bacon, a New York Times best-selling author and respected columnist.

If you're so inclined, take the time to listen to my nearly one-hour interview with Bacon, who was a guest on my podcast this past week. If you're not interested in the Tigers talk and other discussion, feel free to fast-forward to 12:40 in order to get right to the discussion.

Major Takeaways

He's Not Out for the AD

Bacon has a lot of respect for Brandon. The two have a had a relationship in some form or fashion for more than a decade, he says. In fact, they used to be on much better terms.

With that being said, don't automatically assume that the interview is a Brandon slamfest--it's not. As a whole, the Michigan AD has had a positive influence on the athletic program, says Bacon, who's been impressed with how Brandon's spread the wealth across several sports, including basketball, hockey and women's activities.

However, there's that football thing that's yet to be resolved.

Michigan Football is a Religion

I don't really have to go into this. Bacon pretty much says what every Wolverines fan would say--those who share the same passion appreciate his intelligent and accurate criticism/assessment of the Brady Hoke's program.

More to Come

There will be more of John U. Bacon on Michigan tradition this week on Bleacher Report and Maize 'n Brew. Also, to include another point of view, I've reached out to Matt Craw, the son of former Wolverines RB Garvie Craw and an "extended family member" of Bo Schembechler.

Matt grew up around Michigan football. His father is known for scoring two touchdowns vs. Ohio State in 1969 , the beginning of The Game (W 24-12).

Throughout his life, Matt's witnessed behind-the-scenes happenings, all the while growing extremely familiar with important figures within the program.. With that being said, he's a proud Michigan Man who is all about the storied maize and blue. However, he feels that Brandon's influence will move the Wolverines--football, too--into the future, a stance that differs from--but doesn't necessarily viciously oppose--that of Bacon's beliefs.

Be on the lookout for two highly informed perspectives that will surely encourage great discussion among fans.

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