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Michigan Football Recruiting: Wolverines Split with In-State 4-Stars Brian Cole, Daelin Hayes

Despite losing out on Daelin Hayes, Brady Hoke continues to get the job done in The Great Lakes State--which is evident by landing Brian Cole.

Brady Hoke surprised a few people by getting Brian Cole. Daelin Hayes shocked a few by choosing USC over Michigan.
Brady Hoke surprised a few people by getting Brian Cole. Daelin Hayes shocked a few by choosing USC over Michigan.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Both would have been ideal, but one isn't bad.

Over the weekend, Michigan went 1-for-2 with a pair of The Great Lakes State's best: Brian Cole of Saginaw Armade the correct choice (in the eyes of Wolverines fans), while Daelin Hayes of Orchard Lake St. Mary's did not.

Long considered a Michigan-lean, Hayes surprisingly chose USC instead of going blue with Cole--a player who I thought was bound for East Lansing. So to recap, I went 0-for-2; Hoke hit .500 with a home run.

The Hit at the BBQ

Finding offensive playmakers--especially for future quarterbacks--is a must. Jeremy Gallon is finished; Devin Funchess probably will be after this's time to stock the shelves with YACs.

All isn't bleak, though. Freddy Canteen, a freshman, seems to possess enough talent to at least get close to Gallon's level. Plus there's Drake Harris, who is another deep-ball/slot man option--and there's the rest of receivers and TEs who've yet to truly step forward.

Now, just add a 6'2", 190-pounder with incredible athleticism...and there you go. The well is replenished.

In all likelihood, Cole, the No. 5-ranked ATH of 2015 and No. 1 overall in Michigan, will be asked to do a lot of catching. He's capable of doing much more, but the Wolverines need guys with great hands to catch fireballs from Shane Morris (2013), Wilton Speight (2014), Alex Malzone (2015) and Messiah deWeaver (2016).

Of course, snagging Cole shows that Hoke isn't falling out of favor with the state's elite.

The Miss

In all honesty, this "miss" hurts but it isn't a knockout blow.

In the grand scheme of things, recruiting linebackers isn't a make-or-break affair right now. The depth at the position is scary, and with the addition of Darrin Kirkland (4-star, 2015) to the fold, Greg Mattison's LBs are sitting pretty.

But at 6'3" and 225 pounds (right now), Hayes, the No. 5 OLB of 2016, would have been a tremendous grab for the defense. He's fast, tackles well in space and has lock-on radar--and he has nice hands for a linebacker. He could play in the secondary if asked to do so at SoCal.

He was the No. 2-ranked in-state prospect of 2016. It's not easy to watch a homegrown talent go elsewhere. But it may have been more of an issue of comfort, fit and opportunity rather than a disinterest in Michigan.

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