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30 Days to Michigan Football

One month to go for the opener against (School Name Redacted).

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

RS Soph. Ondre Pipkins, DT

Number: 56

Hometown: Kansas City, MO (Park Hill High School)

Height/Weight: 6' 3 / 306 lbs.

Three Things to Know About Ondre

1. Pipkins was caught by the ACL Menace last season, and missed two thirds of the season. The 2012 season wasn't kind to him either, where he was sidelined by a neck injury in spring practice, and didn't get to play at all. As we've seen with Jake Ryan, though, ACL injuries can be overcome in half the time that they used to take. Michigan needs him on the defensive line that has had the center ripped away by graduation of two starters.

2. He is not bothered by missing so much playing time. Pipkins is one of Hoke's biggest 2011 recruits, and has the most to prove, as well as the most upside if he lives up to his ceiling.

3. Last year when he was injured, Michigan tried to get him a medical redshirt, but some fuzzy math in the NCAA bylaws has strict deadlines for how late in the season a player can be injured and still get a redshirt.