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Michigan unranked in preseason Coaches Poll

After a 7-6 finish to 2013, Michigan is unranked in the first preseason Coaches Poll.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Finishing 7-6 last season does not reflect highly amongst Michigan's peers from around the nation.

The first preseason Coaches Poll was released on Thursday which saw Michigan starting the season unranked as voted by the coaches around the NCAA. In comparison to last year, Michigan was ranked 17th in the 2013 preseason Coaches Poll.

The top-five is dominated by the usual suspects: Florida State, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oregon and Auburn.

However, the Big Ten Conference is well represented in the top-10 with Ohio State (sixth) and conference champions Michigan State (eighth) both receiving votes. Wisconsin (14th) and Nebraska (22) round-off the conference.

Here is the full list of the 2014 preseason Coaches Poll:

1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Oregon
5. Auburn
6. Ohio State
8. Michigan State
9. South Carolina
10. Baylor
11. Stanford
12. Georgia
13. LSU
14. Wisconsin
15. USC
16. Clemson
17. Notre Dame
18. Arizona State
19. Mississippi
20. Texas A&M
21. Kansas State
22. Nebraska
23. North Carolina
24. Texas
25. Washington