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YFD is Smitten

Happy Fourth!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Fourth of July from Maize n Brew!

YFD is abbreviated today dude to beach and beer considerations - BrewShots will return next week. Here's what we'll be drinking today:

Bells' Smitten Rye - a delicious Golden Rye ale from the good folks that bring Oberon and Two Hearted to us. I hadn't actually had it before, but it's basically a hoppier Oberon. I don't hate this. I prefer Oberon, but I pander. It's crisp and worth it for a beach afternoon.

Shorts' Howlin' Chinaski - a Dortmunder-style lager from the good humans at Shorts. Shorts is probably my favorite Michigan brewery - sacreligious, I know - but they do some pretty crazy stuff. This is a departure from the crazy and a return to brewing roots - particularly a regional German lager. Dortmunders are blonde lagers (you've probably had the Great Lakes version) under 5% by brewing law in Germany. Far fewer local versions exist today, but some great American clones exist. Give this one a go for the 4th.

Enjoy your day off today, Michigan Faithful. Until next time, cheers!