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Michigan Football: OC Doug Nussmeier Discusses Wolverines O-Line, Devin Gardner and More During Radio Interview

The Freep's Brian Manzullo pulled some great quotes from Nussmeier's interview with Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman on "The Audible."

We really need some more Michigan photos of Nuss...Just imagine him with a maize and blue visor and call it good.
We really need some more Michigan photos of Nuss...Just imagine him with a maize and blue visor and call it good.
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

First off, let's give credit where credit is due: Thanks to the Freep's Brian Manzullo for doing the hard work by pulling several great lines from Doug Nussmeier's radio interview with Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports.

Now for the easy part: I'm basically going to summarize the major points without giving away all of the quotes. Read Manzullo's post to get all of the goodies.

In short, Nussmeier says that he likes what he's seeing from quarterback Devin Gardner. However, Nussmeier wants to see Gardner become a better decision maker. That makes sense. At times, Gardner is a too topsy-turvy for my liking. Somewhere within the 6'4", 218-pound super senior lives a true team-leading signal-caller. We've seen him make great choices many times--it's just the blunders that derail his progress.

According to Manzullo, Nussmeier said the following about Gardner's progression:

I think he’s done an outstanding job. He’s really embraced what we’re doing. He’s worked extremely hard. He spends extra time in the office studying film on his own and doing the extra thing it takes to play at a really high level. And obviously coming off his injury he was limited in the spring but went to every practice, took every rep that we asked him to and really he’s had a great summer to date as far as rehab goes and really throwing the ball well. We’re expecting big things from him.

Derrick Green's weight was also a topic. Basically, Nussmeier said that he's noticed a slimmer sophomore version of the former 5-star running back.

"He looks great," Nussmeier said (That's all you're getting on this topic. Read Manzullo's post!)

Hmm...What else? Oh, Nussmeier did a wonderful job of dodging the whole 'Bama-Michigan thing. But some of us (myself included) can't resist asking about it or at least drawing some sort of loose comparison. Oh, and the O-line needs work...

Such is life.

Happy Fourth. Here's some Desmond to brighten your day.

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