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Michigan Basketball: Ex-Wolverines Big Man Mitch McGary Fitting in with OKC

The Thunder selected the 6'10", 255-pound former Michigan center/forward with the No. 21 pick of the 2014 NBA Draft.

Mitch McGary's style of play fits well with OKC.
Mitch McGary's style of play fits well with OKC.
Mike Stobe

Size and skill were never the question with Mitch McGary.

However, longevity and health, or lack thereof, were major concerns. Nonetheless, the Oklahoma City Thunder took a chance during the 2014 NBA Draft by selecting John Beilein's former big man with the No. 21 overall pick.

High risk? Sure. High reward? Absolutely.

Thus far, according to's Chris Balas ($), McGary, who spent two seasons at Michigan, is "impressing" his new team--and it seems as if management likes the potential-filled rookie even more than it did a few weeks ago.

Per Balas, Thunder GM Sam Presti said the following after picking McGary in this past month's draft:

We try to get the players where we have them on the board, and we felt like the opportunity to add him to the team is valuable. I can't project what happens behind us, but when you have a player that you think fits not only your playing identity but also kind of fits into your roster-building construction as you look forward, I think he was not only a playing addition but also a strategic roster-building addition as well.

According to the Oklahoma Sentinul, McGary isn't bothered by past injuries.

My back feels great. I only have one gear, and it’s all or nothing. So I’m just going to keep going. I didn’t feel anything in there that was holding me back or anything like that. I was just trying to help the team win.

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