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It's a new day at Maize n Brew

With a new week and a new day, we break down what's happening with the changes at Maize n Brew.

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Just because it's Monday, doesn't mean it has to be all terrible. Take this post for example, we are having fantastic Monday's, and we would like to share the good news with you.

Maize n Brew is pleased to announced a refocused and reenergized direction that the site is headed. As a team, we want to give you what you want. That's streamlined coverage of Michigan athletics as soon as it is available.

Want more recruiting coverage? We're going to give that to you. Want all the minute details of Michigan's upcoming football season? We'll have that too. How about basketball and other sports? Yep, they'll be there. How about a million dollars? Well, we can't provide that, but we'll do the best we can to make you happy.

How exactly are we going to bring you ALL of this stuff? Let me tell you:

  1. Introducing MnB's newest Co-Manager: I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a role as Co-Manager at Maize n Brew. My responsibilities are overseeing football coverage as well as added responsibilities to recruiting coverage. In order to have the site grow, we must grow as a team, and that's exactly what we are going to do. We will be bringing in more dedicated writers who will provide unique football coverage. Details on recruiting coverage coming soon.
  2. ANTHONY MAMMEL IS BACK: Yes, I repeat, Anthony Mammel is BACK! Maize n Brew is all about giving the readers what they want, and what they wanted is more Anthony. Personally, I am excited to see him coming back to the site refocused with a direction that much better suits him. There will be no changes to recruiting roundups (the other Anthony does a great job with that,) but Anthony is going to provide solid and unique recruiting pieces as often as he can. Which, in itself, is a huge win for MnB as well as a huge win for our readers.
  3. Added recruiting coverage: We know our recruiting coverage has slipped recently, but we are going to rededicate ourselves to providing solid recruiting coverage. A major recruit recently released his top-five? We'll have it covered. Someone announced a visit to Michigan? We've got it in 150 words. The end goal is to have a reporter who is willing to go after recruits to get a story, but first we must start doing basic coverage and go from there. However, I am excited with the new direction we are headed.
Although these three points aren't the only thing we will be focused on going forward, a group effort of solid coverage of every aspect regarding the University of Michigan is what the readers deserve. We want to be the first name that comes to your mind each morning when you want to read the latest news. With a little patience, we'll get there.

As always, we appreciate every single comment and every single page hit the readers give us. We are nothing without you all.

I am incredibly excited to get started on my new journey and ready to make an impact on this site.