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VIDEO: Why Brady Hoke is concerned about big 5 conference autonomy, what's on Hoke's iPad?

Campus Insiders' Bonnie Bernstein sat down with Michigan head coach Brady Hoke to discuss autonomy, lessons from Bo Schembechler and what's on his iPad.

Maize n Brew's partners at Campus Insiders recently spoke with Michigan coach Brady Hoke.

CI's own Bonnie Bernstein discussed a variety of topics with Hoke, but his concern on Big 5 Conference Autonomy is prevalent throughout the video.

CI provides the details on the video:

Brady Hoke has plenty on his mind these days, but you wouldn't think Big 5 autonomy is one of them. Hear what Michigan's head coach told Bonnie Bernstein about the future of the NCAA plus find out what's on his iPad and the best advice Bo Schembechler ever gave him.

Clearly, the best part of the video is when Hoke talks about technology.

"I'm not a tech guy so it really gets over my head," Hoke told Bernstein. "With kids today, they're all on Xbox-Whatever and all that stuff that's out there."

And asked what is his favorite app on his iPad:

"I know one app and that's Thunder Huddle which is all football, that's it."

Nicely put, Coach.