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Brew Briefs: Sophomore Zak Irvin thriving during Italy trip

Although it is not against Big Ten-quality talent, sophomore forward Zak Irvin has been efficient when it counts during Michigan Basketball's trip to Italy.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

They're no national championship contending team, but the Vicenza All Stars still count as competition. One player in particular is treating this trip to Italy as a business trip.

Coming off a 27 point performance on Sunday and going 100% from the 3-point line, sophomore forward Zak Irvin followed up with another efficient game on Tuesday leading the Michigan basketball team in a 93-53 thrashing of the Vicenza All Star squad.

Irvin missed one shot all night, a 3-point attempt, and finished with an efficient shooting percentage of 87% and also boasted an 80% shooting percentage from the 3-point line where he drained four of them.

"I'm really in a great rhythm right now," Irvin said to reporters after the game on Tuesday. "The ball has been falling in warmups, but I have to give credit to my teammates who keep finding me when I'm open. They're the ones helping me knock down these shots."

Irvin also added six assists to his night as well. Although the team hasn't played like it, Michigan will be very young once again and will have to adjust as the competition becomes more physical.

The most important thing to Irvin is that his team did what it had to do to win.

"I think watching film earlier today helped out a lot," Irvin said. "We have a growing team, so we know we have freshmen that are still learning the game and the way we play. Also, the team we played against today played like they knew more about the game, being an older team. They were physical, but we came out with a win."