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Seven Days Until Michigan Football

One week.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Senior Frank Clark, Defensive End

Number: 57

Hometown: Glenville HS; Cleveland, OH

Height/Weight: 6-foot-2, 277 lbs.

Three Things To Know About Frank

1. Frank came to Michigan from Glenville high school in Cleveland.  Not many players do that, or at least did.  After Pierre Woods — who came to Michigan in 2001 — it would be ten years that Michigan missed out on every recruit from the talent rich Glenville program.

So getting Clark in 2011, even with him not having an OSU or PSU offer at the time, was an important recruiting step for MIchigan (which got Willie Henry the next year from Glenville).  Whatever bad blood existed is long gone now.

2. Frank introduced himself to Michigan fans in his freshman year with a very memorable play.  After having played a very small role through the regular season, Clark came off the bench in the Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech and made a spectacular interception that would set up the offense for its second touchdown of the day.

3. Of course, between then and now it has been a rough road for Frank.  He was charged with second-degree felony home invasion after his first year of football, and that almost jeopardized his place on the team.

However, Clark's is a story of hope.  MLive's Brendan Quinn wrote about Clark's upbringing in Los Angeles and Cleveland and the struggles his family faced during those years.  Clark was sent to live with relatives in Cleveland when he was ten by his mother.  The family had been living as nomads in the city.  He still has not seen his mother since.

Clark made a mistake early but has cleaned up his act, done his probation, and worked hard as a football player.  Here's hoping this season is the happy ending to his Michigan career that he deserves.