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27 Days Until Michigan Football

Less than one month until kickoff.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Junior Sione Houma, Fullback

Number: 39

Hometown: Highland HS; Salt Lake City, UT

Height/Weight: 6'0 242 lbs

Three Things To Know About Sione

1. Sione can play the ukulele.

2. Sione is good friends with Michigan freshman defensive lineman Bryan Mone.  The two attended the same high school and were on the football team together before Sione left for Michigan.  When it came time for Mone to choose a college to attend, Sione was a big factor in the decision.

"Sione is an older brother to me," Mone said. "He tells me what I need to do and keeps my head straight, and helps me out a lot whether it be the recruiting process or in the classroom."

In high school, the two hung out in the hallways between classes, walked out together after practices or a game and attended church together on a weekly basis. During Mone's senior year, he attended a church retreat on a spiritual trip to Sacramento, Calif. It was this trip that finally put him over the edge to make a verbal commit to Michigan.

"For some reason Michigan was in my head when I was there praying about it," Mone said. "I felt like that was a sign. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing. God brought me here to Michigan."

3. He has quite a bit of hair.