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Football's Back...Everything Is Awesome!

Football is finally here!

Gregory Shamus

The interesting off season dichotomy is that it seems both interminably long yet that it also just ended. Anyone else feel that way? Either way, I'm excited. You're excited. Everyone is excited. It's football, damn it, and it will be over before we know it and we'll be dreading another off season.

Sooooo, today is a revisiting of The Horror--but we all know things will be different this time around. They will be different, right? Yeah, of course they will!

/ looks around and laughs nervously

// reads Hollywood Hokester's post and feels a little better...just a little

I'll actually be at today's game and may not be able to participate as much as I'd like this week. I know, I know--you're probably wondering why in the hell I'm making the trip from Madison just to see Appalachian State, right? Well, my daughter wanted to see a game again this year, and I know that no one in their right mind would actually buy these damn tickets, so...Daddy-Daughter Day!

Have you checked out all of the great links leading up to today's game? If not, there should be a nice little box down there for you to click and get caught up. A couple highlights, though:

- Anthony's Friday 6-Pack looks at some key match-ups in today's game.

- Josh has a very touching and personal look back at The Horror.

Some of you haven't participated since last season, so welcome back! Others may be new to MnB. Don't be shy, newcomers; hang out with some of the friendliest fans in the world! Are you an Appalachian State fan? Hey, you're welcome here, too; we'd love to have you hang out with us. Here's a reminder to old and new readers alike: this is your thread, comment like it's the most important thread ever, have fun, but mind the guidelines--seriously. Most importantly, though, whatever you do today, just make sure you Go Blue!

Today's tune has been stuck in your head since this movie came out (don't pretend you didn't see it), and will be in there until the day you die. You're welcome.