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Brew Briefs: Hoke, Funchess share thoughts on No. 1 jersey

Saturday was a special day for junior wide receiver Devin Funchess. He shared his thoughts on obtaining the No. 1 jersey.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was a special day for junior receiver Devin Funchess.

Not only did he help Michigan blow out Appalachian State 52-14 with a fabulous three touchdown performance, he also unveiled a new number on his jersey. Although it was the third number change in three years at Michigan, last year's change and now this season are more meaningful.

Following the path of the great receivers before him, Funchess earned the No. 1 jersey.

"The young man asked me about it, and I said that's fine," said Michigan coach Brady Hoke in his post-game press conference. "I said call a member of the Kramer family, ask them, and that's what he did. Ron Kramer may have been the best player ever to play here, best athlete ever to play here.

"So he talked to Kurt, his son, and Devin being more of a wide receiver, obviously, he thought that's what he wanted to do. And believe me I asked him who has worn No. 1, and he started with Anthony Carter and went down the list, so I think that he earned it."

Only one game into the season, Funchess lived up to the expectations that comes with wearing the iconic jersey at Michigan. Finishing with seven receptions for 95 yards and three touchdowns, all in the first half. He is the first receiver in Michigan history to have three touchdown receptions in a season opener.

"It was a great honor (to receive the No. 1 jersey). I have been working hard. I asked Jake (Ryan) all offseason, 'Was I working hard? Did I earn it?' He said yes," said Funchess after Saturday's game. "So I went up and asked Coach Hoke. Coach Hoke said he would think about it. I took the initiative to call Kurt Kramer, Ron Kramer's son, to ask him about the situation. He said that it was okay. I thanked him, and then Coach Hoke made the final decision."

It appears that final decision is paying dividends... For now.

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