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Michigan Bball Adds D-3 Transfer Duncan Robinson

Michigan picks up a 6'8 transfer from division three Williams College.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Most transfers don't happen between D-1 and D-3, but Duncan Robinson isn't most transfers.  The former Williams College freshman averaged 17 and 7 last year and led the team to the D-3 Championship game (which it lost).  His coach was hired away by Marist College which opened the door to a possible transfer.  In fact, that coach is former West Virginia assistant Mike Maker, and Maker's relationship with his old boss John Beilein made this whole thing possible.

Robinson was listed at 6'7 185 lbs. last year but has apparently grown in the interim.  His specialty is shooting, which he did at a 45/67/88 clip a year ago.

Robinson will have to sit out next season and will join Michigan the year after with three years of eligibility remaining.