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Brew Briefs: Hoke, Gardner reflect on Notre Dame series ending

During its weekly press conference, Michigan coach Brady Hoke and senior quarterback Devin Gardner reflect on the rivalry between Michigan and Notre Dame ending for the foreseeable future.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame canceling its series with Michigan was something that has been highly publicized leading up to their final meeting for the foreseeable future on Saturday.

From the "Chicken Dance" to under the lights drama, there's still an important game that needs to be played.

"We talked yesterday because we gave our scouting report last night," said Hoke during his weekly press conference. "They understand it's the last game and I think they also understand it's the last game and they need to play better than a week ago. Notre Dame is a good football, they've got good football players

"Who knows when it's going to be the last game? We just know we're not going to play them in the near future. I think that's a good question to ask the kids. They're pretty smart kids and they understand those ramifications."

As someone who has been very familiar with the rivalry between the two schools, senior quarterback Devin Gardner has grew up with the rivalry living in the Detroit area.

"Everyone knows how big this rivalry is," said Gardner. "It sucks that it has to go and it's not appreciated by everybody. But I appreciate it growing up here and seeing all the great game and being able to participate was amazing for me. I get one more shot to do it."

Michigan, for now, is heading into Saturday's match-up leading the series with a 24-16-1 record.

The two will square off Sept. 6 at 7:30 on NBC.