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Game Thread: Miami RedHawks to face an angy Michigan team today

Today will be awful for Miami.

Jamie Sabau

So that thing we saw last week, eh? There's an alternate universe in which Michigan beat Notre Dame by 45 points. Let's all go there because this universe sucks.

The Wolverines are not going to go medieval on Miami today. No, they're going to get much worse than that. They're going to get all Neanderthal on the RedHawks. Y'know, lots of fire; sharp sticks; rocks; boulders pushed down from a cliff; blunt objects, and pure brute force. There will be no interest in getting a confession or conversion out of Miami in a medieval inquisition kind of way; this will simply be about beating the absolute f**k out of someone in a primal rage.

I probably won't allow my kids to watch this one, and I'm pretty sure there's going to be a "TV MALV" box somewhere onscreen before kickoff.

There really isn't much more to say about today's game, so be sure to get caught up with all of the action here at MnB through our StoryStream. Once you're done there, sit back and enjoy the thread--it's going to be a lot more enjoyable than last week's. My guess is that before we know it, the game will be over and we'll have missed four touchdowns due to getting sidetracked with some conversation about food, movies, or television.

Per my usual thread request to you the participant: comment like this is the most important thread ever, mind the guidelines, and always Go Blue!