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It's Not An Excuse, It's A Fact: Turnovers prevent scoring (duh!)

The Miami University football team's last win came in October of 2012, yet they gave Michigan a run for their money in the first half of Saturday's game.


After a huge letdown against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Michigan Wolverines came out and...let us down again. Sort of. Yes, it was a win, but that first half was like watching a Big Ten footb...oh, yeah. Crap!

A lot of things went right with Michigan in the second half, but if only they could have scored a few more points!

It's not an excuse, it's a fact...turnovers prevented a major blowout

Michigan had 13 possessions, and although they scored on six of them, turning the ball over three times obviously wasted some great opportunities. It's no stretch to think that at least another ten points could have been scored if two of those turnovers could have been eliminated. The Amarah Darboh "fumble" happened around the 22 yard line of the RedHawks; since Michigan was heading into the red zone, surely another seven points were about to be scored to put Michigan up 17-0.

Devin Gardner threw an interception two minutes later, but it wasn't a "Devin, NO!" moment, as the ball was tipped at the line of scrimmage. Although some credit should go to Miami for making the play to change the ball's trajectory. The next turnover was due to whatever it was that Wyatt Shallman and Justice Hayes were trying to attempt on Miami's squib kick.

Again, if just two of those things don't happen--we are talking about Michigan football, so some mistake was going to be made--the score is much different. Miami doesn't score those ten points off the turnovers, while Michigan capitalizes on sustained drives. Take those ten points away from Miami and give them to Michigan...we're looking at a final somewhere around 44-0 or 44-7.


It's not an excuse, it's a fact...Chuck Martin is a really good head coach

To once again emphasize something Zach has said--we're Michigan fans, so we can always find something to complain about. The first half blahs aside, Michigan did what they were supposed to do, and they ended up routing an opponent. Yeah, I said I'd be pissed if the final was anything less than 66-3 (and perhaps it still should have been closer to that), but a 24-point victory is still quite good. So we're going to quibble over how many points Michigan didn't score? Or how they didn't score them? Yep, because we're Michigan fans.

Miami hasn't won a game in forever, but do we know that this isn't the year that things turn around for them? We've all seen a first-year head coach walk into a program and make an immediate impact. Sometimes it's beginner's luck, and sometimes it's pure talent as a coach. Chuck Martin is a skilled and talented coach, and he learned his craft under one of the best. Say what you will about Brian Kelly, but the man can coach a football team. After winning titles in D-II at Grand Valley State, Kelly moved onward and upward until he got to South Bend. Taking his place with the Lakers was Chuck Martin, who went on to win two back-to-back titles and 40+ straight with GVSU.

So let's not take anything away from how Miami was able to play for one half of a football game. If Chuck Martin has even a little bit of success in Oxford, he could be on the opposite sidelines on a regular basis. Hell, if Hoke and his staff don't make some big improvements, Martin could be on Michigan's sidelines next year.