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Your Friday Drinking Instructions Drink Some Sage

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I know relatively little about Utah other than the fact that they score a lot of points and don't run the ball a ton because they throw the ball a lot and score lots of points doing it.

Got it? Good. We've been hearing some rumblings from national writers this week about upsets in the Big House but none of that matters because tomorrow Michigan gets to play a Pac-12 team and YOU, dear readers, get to drink a sage saison. What's that, you say? A sage saison?

Yes. From the place that brought you Mormons (I suppose technically this is untrue) and a lake full of salt, the lovely folks at Epic Brewing Company have made you a truly wonderful saison. If you're too cool to know what a saison is, it's a fizzy, spicy pale ale, with the idea being it's supposed to be a refreshing brew for farmers.

Yes, I know you aren't a farmer. But drink this shit anyway. Per a simple wikipediaing, it was brewed in the cool winter months and then consumed in the summer and had a nice kick to it. Man, I'd be a farmer if I got paid in saison. Timers were simpler then.

Then the good people from Epic decided to add SAGE to it. I only know sage in a thanksgiving-turkey sense. But hey, it's delicious. And I tried it in beer and was like hey, this isn't shitty. It's actually pretty good. DO it. It's available at some snootier beer stores in Ann Arbor.

To you haterz that say I've mentioned epic before and that this post didn't reference football at all, you're right. And Michigan seems to win just a little bit better when I stay away from football, so by golly, that's what we're going to do tonight.

Until next week, Cheers, Michigan Faithful!