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Game Thread: Utah at Michigan

When a Ute gets old, is he still called a Ute? Get it? Because sometimes people say...never mind, this was some terrible wordplay.

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It's week four already! A third of the way through the season and the Wolverines look to hit 3-1. Should we be distracted by Utah's 57 points per game, or take the Utes' opponents into consideration? Fresno State: 0-3 and hasn't allowed less than 52 points yet this season; Idaho State: 1-2 and has allowed an average of 43 points to be scored on them.

Perhaps we really can't tell that much about Utah or Michigan so early in the season. Utah may not be as good as their margin of victory or 2-0 record indicate, and Michigan may not be the burning mound of poo that some believe. One thing that I think is a sure thing is that today's game is going to be entertaining. Although I said in our Roundtable that the final would be 49-9 in favor of Michigan, there was a bit of hyperbole there. Michigan is going to win, but it's going to be a fun and entertaining game to watch, with Utah posing a threat on some level.

Some other things to check on:

- Drew found Doug Nussmeier's tendency on offense and wonders if this is the week that someone catches on.

- Anthony Mammel's Six Pack wonders how Matt Wile will do against...Matt Wile.

- Anthony Broome has some info on the recruiting front and some other programs trying to get some Michigan commits to flip.

- Hollywood Hokester takes a look at how Michigan has fared on this date throughout history, and reminds us of just how special September 20th really is to Michigan football.

As I mentioned elsewhere, my daughter and I will be at the game again today, and Sofya has been bringing some good juju to the Big House in the form of lopsided wins. I made sure that she had her juju packed before we left Madison yesterday, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

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Today's tune--Lead Belly is an all-time great, but Otis makes almost everything better...