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Dear Shane Morris advocates, some decorum please

So you want some Shane Morris, eh? Fine. Just don't be an idiot.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

To the young "men" sitting behind me and my daughter on Saturday...if you'd like to see Shane Morris in the game or named the starter, you are obviously more than entitled to your opinions. You can rant and rave about how bad you think Devin Gardner is for the offense and what a disaster he is for the team in general. He doesn't make the best decisions? Not always. Turnover prone? Yeah, a little. Looks like a deer in headlights? On more than a few occasions. Bring it on; criticize to your heart's content. But, there is one place the line needs to be drawn thick, heavy, and indelibly. Wishing injury on another player.

Not too long before the last pick DG threw, and before the heavens unleashed their fury, the young "men" behind me were loudly and proudly advocating for an injury to Devin Gardner. I was a little perturbed when they said they wanted his "face ripped off", but utterly disgusted when one of them hoped "he would break his neck". These were also individuals who seemed quite thrilled at the scary injury to Utah's Travis Wilson. There are no real words to describe the place in fandom you occupy. Actually, you don't even really belong on the fandom spectrum. It makes no difference whether you say it about an opposing team's player or your own; wishing permanent harm on a player because you feel someone else can provide a better opportunity for victory is absolutely abominable. That's not being a fan or a troll or an instigator. That's being a straight-up asshat who stands for nothing and your kind needs to GTFO. We don't want your kind. We don't want you to comment on our posts and we don't want to sit next to you in our stadiums. Now that I think about it, you give asshats a bad name.

We've had our issues with Morris advocates here at MnB, and they've been dealt with accordingly and fairly. I don't believe anyone here has gone so far as to hope for life-altering injury, so I thank you for that.

Again, we're okay with criticizing a player's performance on the field. Those are things all of us can see, and a little debate and back-and-forth on some of the more nuanced aspects of a player's performance can be a good thing; it's one of the things that make this community great--and I mean all of SB Nation's sites, not just Maize n Brew. However, we need to keep those criticisms civil and measured. Let's not stoop below asshattery.