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Pollin' It: The Faint Memory Of A Ranking Is All That Remains

Another week of top-25 polls that (rightfully) don't include Michigan.

Ronald Martinez
Ranking Team
1 Florida State
2 Alabama
3 Oklahoma
4 Oregon
5 Auburn
6 Baylor
7 Texas A&M
8 Notre Dame
9 Michigan State
11 Ole Miss
12 Arizona State
13 Georgia
14 Stanford
15 South Carolina
16 Mississippi State
17 Wisconsin
18 LSU
19 Nebraska
20 Ohio State
21 BYU
22 USC
23 Duke
24 East Carolina
25 Kansas State

Utah beat Michigan 26-10 and that wasn't even enough to get the Utes into the top-25.

If you want an indictment of the program as it stands right now, that pretty much sums it up.