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MnB Players of the Week: Willie Henry and Jake Ryan

A day filled with thirteen tackles and a pick-six calls for Player of the Week honors.

Gregory Shamus

Michigan may have lost by 16 points on Saturday, but not all of that can be put on the defense. Sure, they gave up those points, but when the offense can't keep a drive going...

Because the defense has been the strongest unit for Team 135, we need to recognize this week's Players of the Week:

Jake Ryan and Willie Henry

Ryan seemed a tad absent early this season, but he came on strong in his new position against the Utes. If it seemed as though his name was called on every defensive play, it's because it was. After recording a total of 20 tackles in the three games leading up to Utah, Ryan racked up 13 tackles (7 solo) on Saturday alone, with three of them causing the Utes to lose yardage. It seems as though he may finally be comfortable as the MIKE.

Willie Henry deserves co-Player of the Week due to the only touchdown of the game for Michigan coming by way of his pick-6. Congratulations, young man!

Honorable Mention

  • Frank Clark -- six tackles, 4 solo, 2.5 tackles for a loss of 15 yards, and one sack.
  • Utah QB Travis Wilson -- yeah, I'm going to go with a Utah player. That hit and fall he took was one of the worst things I've seen. The fact that the young man was able to get back up and return to the game (and throw a TD nonetheless) was nothing short of miraculous.
  • The weather -- that was some biblical rain, right there. The walk back to the car was intense; I've been less wet in the shower. I'm not sure how it went from raining harder than it had ever rained in the history of the world to even harder, but it did. At least my daughter will have a good story to tell at school today. Although it should make all of us sad that the game is the sidenote.