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VIDEO: Greg Mattison gets emotional talking Hoke, sideline argument

Greg Mattison gets emotional when discussing Brady Hoke and the job he's done at Michigan. Also, the two wrestled each other at Western Michigan. Mattison won.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If it weren't for Brady Hoke, Greg Mattison would not be coaching at Michigan today.

That has been the mantra since the day Mattison decided to come back to Michigan as the defensive coordinator when Hoke was hired in 2010.

Though the two have known each other for over 30 years, sometimes even the best of friends have the occasional squabble. This was the case when the two were seen having a heated argument during the television broadcast of Michigan's 26-10 loss to Utah on Saturday.

Mattison was called for a sideline infraction and did not like the call.

"I'm out there in the middle of the field during a timeout and I've got an official telling me to get back because I want to strangle him," Mattison said. "Then I've got the head coach being a head coach."

Mattison would choke up when he started to talk about Hoke.

"I wouldnt be here if it weren't for Brady Hoke," Mattison said. "Anyone can say anything they want, that man is why I am here. You should see us play euchre."

The love the two share for one another is legitimate and even the best of friends have to air out their grievances every once in awhile.

Including their time wrestling one another back when both were assistants at Western Michigan.

Sometimes things never change.