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Big Ten Football Roundup: The "I can't care anymore" edition

This is supposed to be about how the Big Ten did last week, but Michigan lost and I just don't give a damn anymore.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

So how did the week go? As the teaser says, I don't care anymore thanks to Michigan, so let the .gifs do the talking.

Iowa 24, Pitt 20

The Hawkeyes won.

I don't care

Michigan State 73, Eastern Michigan 14

I think MSU did this to us on purpose.

Northwestern 24, Western Illinois 7

Northwestern finally got one in the win column.

Sarcastic Clap

Purdue 35, Southern Illinois 13


Wisconsin 68, Bowling Green 17

Wisconsin did what Wisconsin does...

That's What I Do!

and then some. 644 yards rushing. Melvin Gordon's quote

"I was motivated."

No shit.

Maryland 34, Syracuse 20

Maryland won and is now 3-1.


Utah 26, Michigan 10


Rutgers 31, Navy 24

Rutgers is also 3-1. Still hate having them in the Big Ten?

Oh Wow LOL

Penn State 48, UMass 7

Undefeated. You are what your record says you are.


Minnesota 24, San Jose State 7

Won...with only one completion for 7 yards.

Illinois 42, Texas State 35

Freaking Illinois?!

Spock - If you say so

Indiana 31, Missouri 27

The Big Ten beat the SEC!!!

Nebraska 41, Miami (FL) 31

Abdullah's 229 yards has cooled off Pelini's seat.

Conan Approves

The Takeaway

Michigan was the only Big Ten team to lose last weekend. Purdue and Michigan now share identical 2-2 records.

See you next week!