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College Football Preview Guide Week Five

The week five preview takes us to Columbia, South Carolina and includes Coca-Cola blunders, Jay-Z push-ups, Batman in Detroit and much more.


The rain fell fast and furious.  The seats were bare and those who remained, either shouted with displeasure or rooted for the opponents.

We all know what happened.  Michigan lost, again, to another non-conference opponent.  Not a major program like Stanford or Oregon from the Pac-12.  We are talking about Utah.  No  disrespect to the Utes, but this is Michigan, and well, actually, this is Michigan and this is what we have come to expect.

Time for a Michigan Rant

No more "Michigan Man,' stuff.  No more of the Dave Brandon blunders.  Michigan needs, and frankly, it deserves, a coach that will take it to the promised land.  No more nice guys and ah geez moments.

Michigan is a school built on history and tradition, and if the history of the last decade is evidence of anything, it's that Michigan is not relevant when it comes to the top football teams in the country.

Sure, the dollars are there, because when you can fill 100,000+ into The Big House and have a loyal fan base, the money will come.  However, it's been quite a while since the Wolverines were even in the discussion for a National Championship appearance.

These days, Michigan isn't even relevant in the Top 25 rankings.

No one is calling for a coach to be fired mid-season.  Actually, let me correct myself on that.

No rational person is calling for a coach to be fired now.  Brady Hoke is, by all accounts, a nice guy and a man who loves Michigan.  Fans wish it would've worked out better and in the fourth year of the Hoke regime, championships should not only be hoped for but expected.

Hoke has been able to recruit but players haven't developed.  Little mistakes are still happening and, if you're going to fire Rich Rod after three years, you have think Hoke is on borrowed time right now.

All we can do, for now, is move on to the next opponent at hand and hope that, in Hoke's words, Michigan can compete for a Big Ten Championship.

Dare to dream Hokester.


Welcome to Big Ten play.  The most irrelevant football in the Power Five conferences.

That's tough for Midwestern'ers to hear but that's the reality of the situation.  Let's hope that maybe the conference can get back to some sense of relevance.

Outside of Michigan, the Big Ten was able to get back some of it's mojo last week.

Indiana beat Missouri.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A Big Ten team won, on the road, against an SEC team.  This wasn't a win against the bottom level of the SEC either.  Missouri was a ranked team and one that, this week, will be part of ESPN's College Gameday.

Good for Indiana.  It seems quite odd that Michigan fans would look at Indiana with football admiration, but that's just how the landscape of 2014 looks.

Michigan will look to get back on the winning track and beat an opponent who is not one to sleep on.

Minnesota has been coming on, slowly but surely, under their coach Jerry Kill.  He's gotten the team to establish a respectable ground game and the Wolverines will have to respect their opponent in the battle for The Little Brown Jug.

Who will be at QB for Michigan is still to be determined, but whether it's Devin Gardner or Shane Morris, the turnovers will have to be limited.

The only thing worse than the Michigan offensive turnovers is their Athletic Department creating another blunder.

If that's not reason enough to get rid of Dave Brandon, I don't know what is.


Texas Tech @ #24 Oklahoma State - 7:30 P.M. EST. - ESPN

This game should put up a lot of points.  Oklahoma State isn't a top ten team, at the moment, but they consistently fill up the stat sheet with numbers that would make anyone's fantasy football team happy.

Texas Tech is generally more about the coach than the players, but that's just because the ladies love him.

Not that bad of a way to kick-off week five of the college football action.

#11 UCLA @ #15 Arizona State - 10:00 P.M. EST. - FOX SPORTS 1

This is the game of the week and, again, it happens to fall on a Thursday.  The Bruins haven't played up to their potential yet in 2014 but they're still alive in the College Football Playoff hunt.

QB Bretty Hundley is questionable, for now, but most people expect him to be suited up for this PAC-12 clash.

Arizona State, at home, is a tough task for any team.  It's easy to get distracted in that environment.  Go to Google or Twitter and type in 'Arizona State Girls' and you'll see why that campus is regarded as having some of the most beautiful women in the world.

When it comes to football, this will be a good measuring stick to see where UCLA is at and see if the Sun Devils can spoil the season for the Bruins.


Here's where things stand in the College Football landscape:

Wyoming @ #9 Michigan State - 12:00 P.M. EST. - ESPN2

The Spartans are about one of the only things on television at noon.

There isn't much to see here, more so just something to put on after 'College Gameday' has concluded.

When it comes to Michigan State, they're facing really awful competition in this part of the schedule, but that's the way things work out when you go on the road to Oregon in a non-conference game.  Tough to complain about their schedule, but really, Wyoming?

Tennessee @ #12 Georgia - 12:00 P.M. EST. - ESPN

Georgia running back Tood Gurley is the man.  The guy just runs people over and will surely be a top pick in the NFL Draft in 2015.

The Bulldogs suffered a tough loss on the road at South Carolina but will look to get back on track.  With the playoff system in place, there is a lot to play for when you only have 1 loss.

#1 Florida State @ North Carolina State - 3:30 P.M. EST. - ABC/ESPN2

Florida State was the talk of the Twitterverse last Saturday.

The Seminoles almost lost their undefeated streak but managed to hang on for an overtime victory against Clemson.

Now they'll get their Heisman winning QB, Jameis Winston, back onto the fall.

Let's hope he has his head on straight and understands the magnitude of the situation that he is in.

Arkansas @ #6 Texas A&M - 3:30 P.M. EST. - CBS

Texas A&M, while ranked #6, seems to be a forgotten team when it comes to most people's idea of who will be in the College Football playoff.

The Aggies have another stud at QB in Kenny Hill.  If they want to push their way in the final four of things, winning an SEC match like this is a necessity.

Missouri @ #13 South Carolina - 7:00 P.M. EST. - ESPN

Lee Corso, Samantha Ponder and the rest of the 'College Gameday' crew will be in Columbia for this SEC clash.

Missouri is coming off an embarrassing loss at home to Indiana and could be looking for redemption here at South Carolina.

One thing is for sure and that's that you don't underestimate Steve Spurrier.  The Old Ball Coach has been around long enough to know a thing or two about what he's doing.

Syracuse vs. #9 Notre Dame - 8:00 P.M. EST. - ABC

The Fighting Irish come into this game in a 'neutral' site looking to keep their undefeated season alive.

Notre Dame has a brutal schedule in the second half of the season and it's imperative that they win this game and try to build up enough of a lead to rest their starters.