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Michigan 14 - Minnesota 30: Utter Humiliation

Michigan loses in embarrassing fashion and Team 135 is in full free-fall.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As I write this, there are 12 minutes left.  Shane Morris is limping after being taken down again while MIchigan committed a hold penalty pushing the offense back for a 1st and 20.  Michigan is down 23 points and somehow there are still 11 minutes left.

Morris just took a vicious hit after throwing an interception.

For all the disappointment of last week, today's game felt so much worse. the offense under Morris was anemic all game long, Michigan was held under 180 yards for the game, and that is with Gardner chipping in 62 in garbage time.  It wasn't just Morris's fault, as the run game faltered against a good performance from Minnesota's front seven, but a lot of the issues Morris flashed (inaccuracy, uncomfortable under pressure, locking on to receivers) are similar to the issues Devin Gardner has shown in his career — a strong indictment of the coaching staff and its inability to improve its players.

Defensively, Michigan once again had some issues, giving up a couple of long drives, but overall it held strong, forcing four punts, a turnover on downs, and three field goal attempts.  The biggest disappointment came in Michigan's inability to consistently stop the run.  Minnesota was able to run for 151 yards at over four yards per carry.

But this one is once again on the offense, and more so on the coaching staff, who seems utterly lost, with that confusion trickling down to all the positions.

If it wasn't obvious before, it is now: there are no quick fixes and no easy wins this season.  Team 135 is in a tailspin, and it seems like it is only a matter of time before Brady Hoke is thrown from the wreckage.

Maybe losing him would help this team gain some modicum of respect.  Maybe that is too far gone.