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Sunday Morning Brews (9/28/14)


Leon Halip

Really, there's not that much to say (apathy). Instead of a week-long buildup of excitement and optimism heading into conference play, the week was dominated by Shane and Gardner supporters arguing over a quarterback controversy (in-fighting), fueled by a myopic and stubborn man who won't hold himself accountable or talk to the media (truth). For an unknown reason, the coaches decided that whoever would start would then go for the entire game, rather than making a more player-centric choice to use both Morris and Gardner at some point and gauge their comfort levels and effectiveness - a move that would cater to the coaches' theoretical ability to make in-game decisions and to the players' ability to be good players. Gardner would end up playing, not after Hoke chose to start Shane, and not after Shane injured his leg, and not after Shane suffered a possible concussion, but instead a couple of plays after that point. This... this is insanity.

There's really not much to say. Hoke should be fired, both for his record and equally or more for his player management. It should happen this week. Michigan is a shell of what it once was, unable to even maintain its rivalries with proficient-enough play (embarrassment). It has started accepting defeat, which is unacceptable (anger). A season full of promise and a chance at an appearance in the first college football playoff, or any number of other ways to burnish our decorated legacy, will go to waste (jealousy). Every week, the brand that Dave Brandon so espouses is tarnished more and more, to the point that the entire legacy of Michigan has to, in some way, be rebuilt. The one emotion that shouldn't be had is any doubt, that the wonderful path to improvement, a path Michigan should always find itself on, starts with the heads of Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke. They need to be gone from the athletic department, and they need to be gone today.

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The bad and the ugly.

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A strong recommendation on this read.

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One of the important points is that it's not just a matter of starting Shane, or starting Gardner, but how the coaches handle it and, by extension, frame it to their fans. Baumgardner mentions "running" back to Gardner, which is basically the worst result of the decision to go with Shane. Again, this is getting the least out of what they have. The coaches could have played Shane for a couple drives against Notre Dame, or for more than five passes' worth against Appalachian State, and everyone would have seen pretty readily what both players brought to the table. So much of this plane crash could have been avoided. Is Devin Gardner's confidence improved? Did he take anything out of this game? Of course not! There's no concrete reason to suggest Gardner will be any more effective when he starts!

Fieldside Chat: Nick Baumgardner and Brendan Quinn

The coaches are making the beat writers look more and more competent by the week.

Brady Hoke Postgame Comments | Players Postgame Comments

"Well, I don't know... you know. I don't know if might had a concussion or not. I, I don't know, and that wasn't something that... Shane's a pretty competitive, tough kid, and Shane wanted to be the quarterback, and so - believe me, if he didn't want to be, he would've come to the sideline, or stayed down." Exact quote. This broke my heart. IT IS NOT A MATTER OF THEM HOPING TO BE YOUR QUARTERBACK FOR YOU TO MAKE A CHOICE TO IGNORE THEIR HEALTH. THE TWO ARE COMPLETELY UNRELATED.

Hoke Says He Didn't See 'Wobbly' Morris

For those wondering where all the "small mistakes" that kept us from getting wins before were coming from - found it.

TTB Postgame Reaction

I completely don't care who would be the interim coach.

Week 5 Stock Report

Nothing trending up. De'Veon holding steady.

Game Photos

A beautiful day, and some great photos in Ann Arbor.