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Michigan Coach Brady Hoke releases statement on Shane Morris situation

After receiving much scrutiny from fans and the media, Michigan Coach Brady Hoke releases a statement regarding the Shane Morris situation.

Leon Halip

After receiving much scrutiny over the past 24-hours, Michigan Coach Brady Hoke has appeared to attempt to fan the flames.

During the fourth quarter of its 34-10 loss, Shane Morris appeared to be shaken up with an injured leg and was wobbly when he stood up after receiving a big hit from a Minnesota lineman. Although Morris waved off help from the sideline, he stayed in the game. Eventually, after it was clear that Morris has troubles moving, Gardner replaced Morris.

Morris was placed out there again after Gardner lost his helmet and had to come out for a play. Back-up Russell Bellomy had troubles finding his helmet and was held back from coming into the game.

Hoke, who received media attention after the game for not replacing Morris sooner, released a statement through the University.

"The safety of our student-athletes is always our top priority," Brady Hoke said in a statement. "We generally never discuss the specifics of a student-athlete's medical care, but Shane Morris was removed from yesterday's game against Minnesota after further aggravating an injury to his leg that he sustained earlier in the contest. He was evaluated by our experienced athletic trainers and team physicians, and we're confident proper medical decisions were made. The University of Michigan has a distinguished group of Certified Athletic Trainers and team physicians who are responsible for determining whether or not a player is physically able to play. Our coaches have no influence or authority to make determinations if or when an injured player returns to competition. The health and welfare of our student-athletes is and will continue to be a top priority."

This is a developing story.