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MnB Player of the Week: Crickets

Did anyone really stand out?

Leon Halip

Given the results from Saturday, I don't think anyone really stood out and deserves to be named the Player of the Week. That doesn't mean that there weren't a couple bright spots, but we'll just call them the honorable mention team.

  • Joe Bolden -- ten tackles, six solo, one sack for seven yards.
  • Blake Countess -- seemed to be in position to prevent a couple long pass plays, and had three tackles.
  • Devin Gardner -- Michigan's two scores came by way of Gardner's arm and legs. He should have been in the game much earlier, but we've covered that elsewhere.

All in all, it was a rough day that all of us would rather forget. Let's hope that we have more positive plays and players to discuss after Rutgers this weekend.