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Michigan coach Brady Hoke: I feel bad for Shane

Although Michigan coach Brady Hoke declined to elaborate on the early-morning statement released by the athletic department on Tuesday, he did sympathize with Shane Morris during his weekly Big Ten coaches teleconference.

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Michigan's embattled football coach endured another media session and was given another opportunity to speak on the controversy surrounding him and his program.

Brady Hoke, who spoke to reporters during the weekly Big Ten coaches teleconference, didn't exactly seize the opportunity to expand on his knowledge of what exactly happened with Shane Morris after the big hit he received on Saturday left him with a mild concussion.

Instead, Hoke would only defer to a statement that was released early Tuesday morning by athletic director Dave Brandon.

"I want to refer to the statement we made and the athletic department released regarding Shane Morris," Hoke said. "I'm not going to add anything to that statement today, other than echo that the safety of our athletes are our top priority and I think we are all committed to making sure we get it right."

Hoke made it abundantly clear that he wasn't going to discuss the situation further, but was given a chance to share his thoughts on Shane Morris.

"I feel bad for Shane," Hoke said. "He's going through this entire situation that has come with it. We have 115 men here that we care very deeply about and are getting ready to play Rutgers.

We're looking forward to the Rutgers game."

Hoke also mentioned that Morris is a "tough kid" and has "done a tremendous job representing our program."

Morris, who was originally diagnosed with a high ankle sprain during Hoke's Monday presser, later turned into a diagnosis of a mild concussion in Brandon's early-morning statement. When asked on Monday whether Hoke has spoken to Brandon since the incident, he said he had not.

Asked again whether the two have spoken 48 hours, Hoke offered a different story.

"Have I spoken to (Brandon) in the last 48 hours?" Hoke said. "There's no question about it."

Morris, who sent out his first public comments since the concussion via social media, tweeted a simple message on Tuesday: "I just want to play football."

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