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#FireBrandon rally: A retrospective of tweets

The Fire Brandon rally that took place on Tuesday morphed into a life of its own. Out of many tweets sent out during the event, we compiled a look from start to finish.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The Beginning

After the well-documented late night statement from athletic director Dave Brandon, it appeared it wasn't enough for the student body and fans alike to take the pressure of the embattled Brandon.

It started with a message board post on MGoBlog. Combined that with a petition, the natives are restless.

"6 p.m., Tuesday. Be there," said the user.

An idea was born.

SO, 6 p.m. arrived. Well?

Okay. Maybe not that greatest start ever, but it started with this guy.

Then it got a little bigger.

Don't forget about the corgi. Hi, Adam Jacobi.

There even was chanting!

Now the party has started!

Skipping to the Good Bits

With the throng of Michigan faithful in hand and chanting hatred of Dave Brandon, somewhat, things started getting good.

Onward, to Mark Schlissel's house!

This is where the crowd stayed for the remainder of the rally.

They care about the players as students check to see if Schlissel is home by knocking on his front door.

There was a guy with a megaphone.

It continued for a while.

And then... It just died away.

No matter how short-lived this moment in Ann Arbor truly was, it goes to show you the power of the internet and social media. One little message board post, including the word-of-mouth advertising through Twitter and Facebook, it created this event.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, two wrongs don't make a right. But it shows the student body is fed up and are demanding change. It shows that the students are ready to fight and are (mostly) united to a singular cause.

The fight has just begun.