Open Letter to Brady Hoke

Dear Coach Hoke,

The team is in disarray—your answers are sorely lacking—the Michigan Concussion Disaster (per today’s New York Magazine headline) is inexcusable.

This is your last straw at Michigan, and if you want change, you need to be the change (paraphrased from Gandhi).

A good place to start would to begin speaking in a manner that takes responsibility.

When speaking to the press you continually use the word "you" when the word "I" (or "We") would be proper. A few examples from your post-Minnesota and Monday afternoon press conferences:

"When your integrity and character are attacked."
"When the ball gets outside the defense that’s never good for you."
"You’ve got to do a better job tackling."
"You get into this (coaching) to teach kids."

The press’s integrity and character are not being attacked. Yours is. The press isn’t letting the ball get outside of defenses. Your lack of coaching fundamentals is. The press doesn’t need to do a better job tackling. Your defense does. The press didn’t get into this to teach kids. You did.

Start using the word "I" and people will notice. Your players will notice. Cut the third person deflective talk and speak like a leader. Take ownership.

The answer for what ails the team is not with your coordinators, or on the field, or in the locker room. The answer is within you.

Are you demonstrating both the physical and mental excellence in your life?

Focus, tackle and overcome your challenges…and in doing so you will set an example and show your players how they might break though their own limitations and rise to new heights.

The next step is yours.

Reluctantly but always, Go Blue.


Robert Hamburger

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