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Pollin' It: Notre Dame Vaults To 11th In Coaches Poll After Pantsing Michigan On National TV: Depression Reigns

Michigan isn't in the poll. That is the least of our worries.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Ranking School First Place votes
1 Florida State 51
2 Alabama 1
3 Oklahoma 3
4 Oregon 6
5 Auburn
6 Georgia 1
7 Baylor
8 Texas A&M
10 USC
11 Notre Dame
13 Michigan State
14 Arizona State
15 Ole Miss
16 Stanford
17 Wisconsin
18 Ohio State
19 Virginia Tech
20 Kansas State
21 Nebraska
22 Missouri
23 South Carolina
24 Clemson
25 North Carolina

Presented in the interest of completeness, not in the interest of putting "Michigan" and "top-25" within three counties of each other.

The rest of the Big Ten struggled.  Michigan State and Ohio State dropped out of the top-10, Nebraska slides into the 20s, and by virtue of not looking like the rest of the Big Ten, Wisconsin sits at 17th.

With just about everyone losing, the Big Ten has all but assured itself to be on the outside looking in this winter when the playoff is announced.  Michigan State still has an outside shot, but needs help.

All three polls below:

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State (38) Florida State (51) Oregon
2 Oregon (16) Alabama (1) Georgia
3 Alabama (1) Oklahoma (3) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma (2) Oregon (6) Texas A&M
5 Auburn Auburn Auburn
6 Georgia (1) Georgia (1) LSU
7 Texas A&M (2) Baylor Florida
8 Baylor Texas A&M Alabama
9 USC LSU Notre Dame
11 Notre Dame Notre Dame Michigan State
12 UCLA UCLA Ohio State
13 Michigan State Michigan State USC
14 Ole Miss Arizona State Wisconsin
15 Stanford Ole Miss Virginia Tech
16 Arizona State Stanford BYU
17 Virginia Tech Wisconsin Florida State
18 Wisconsin Ohio State Ole Miss
19 Kansas State Virginia Tech Arizona
20 Missouri Kansas State Baylor
21 Louisville Nebraska TCU
22 Ohio State Missouri UCF
23 Clemson South Carolina Stanford
24 South Carolina Clemson Kansas State
25 BYU North Carolina Louisville