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MnB Player of the Week: Anyone? Anyone? Hello?

Who was it that stood out for the Wolverines this week?

Jonathan Daniel

A 31-0 drubbing makes it difficult to determine who, if anyone, should be designated as the Maize n Brew Player of the Week. I gave it to the OL last week, which is sort of a laugher right now. This week's PotW piece is going to be very short.

Player of the Week: Devin Funchess

Nine catches for 107 yards, and that while Notre Dame was draped all over him because it was so clear where Devin Gardner was going. I'm not sure that can be emphasized enough: although it was obvious that Funch was going to be targeted, he still went over 100 yards for the second game in a row, and probably could have done more. The run game just wasn't utilized enough to get Funch out into the open, though; if it had been, numbers similar to the App State game would certainly have been posted.

We are lucky to have a player like Devin Funchess wearing the number 1, and he's proving that he is indeed deserving of that storied jersey. We just need the rest of the team to catch up to him.

Honorable Mention

  • Jehu Chesson: three catches for 30 yards, with a long of 16. No monster tackles this week, but I'll take a ten-yard average for his receptions any day.
  • Joe Kerridge: because fullbacks rarely get any love, and his lone reception resulted in a first down to keep the first drive moving.

It's going to be a long week before the Miami Redhawks.